The accountable physician enterprise: Physician alignment under accountable care

Topics: Accountable Care, Market Trends, Strategy, Hospital-Physician Alignment, Physician Issues

Physician alignment has always been a cornerstone of successful hospital strategy, and that will not change with accountable care. But the demands of accountable care will unquestionably change the nature of future hospital-physician partnerships.

The accountable payments that will catalyze the development of new clinical models are inherently integrative—they will require hospitals and physicians to work together in order to maximize outcomes and financial performance associated with shared reimbursement. In this sense, the traditional independence of hospitals and physicians from one another cannot stand in the transition to accountable care. Instead, a model of interdependence—shared culture, shared commitment to evidence-based care, shared responsibility for clinical outcomes, shared financial success—must be advanced to eliminate many of the silos that characterize the delivery and financing of care today.

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