Your Guide to Health Insurance Exchanges: What You Need to Know Before Oct. 1

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What You'll Learn

The ACA's health care exchanges—the largest expansion of insurance coverage since the advent of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965—are expected to cover 24 million Americans by 2016. Slated to begin open enrollment in October 2013 with coverage in effect in January 2014, these exchanges should be a boon for providers. But to see the benefits of exchanges, health system leaders will need to take action.

Learning objectives:

  • The current status of the exchange rollout
  • Challenges in enrolling patients, especially those without insurance and those who are eligible for subsidies
  • How exchanges, Medicaid, and employer-sponsored insurance interact
  • Implications for health system margins and operations

Presenters: Rob Lazerow, Frederick Isasi, Christopher Kerns

Topics: Health Insurance Exchanges, Health Policy, Market Trends, Strategy, Payer and Regulatory Policy