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The Blueprint blog is the main channel that we use to let Medical Home Project participants know about upcoming events, new tools, and research.

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Amanda Berra

Asking the right questions: Discussion guide for payer talks

Amanda Berra January 4, 2012

Providers are increasingly approaching health plans and employers to initiate discussions of medical home contracting opportunities. We all know how critical it is to come to the negotiating table thoroughly prepared with good discussion questions. But when it comes to medical home contracting, what are those good questions?

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What is a Medicaid Health Home

Amanda Berra December 12, 2011

Through their states, providers are currently eligible for increased federal reimbursement for the provision of Health Home services to the Medicaid population. The Health Home model includes a team-based approach to providing comprehensive, person-centered care and integrating the physical and mental health needs of patients -- basically, a very robust version of the medical home (PCMH) model.  

In this blog entry, my colleagues Megan Clark and Yulan Egan detail the "what" of the model, as well as how providers can reach out to states to become involved and qualify for federal funding.

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Training health coaches: Inside Mercy Clinics' program

Amanda Berra August 8, 2011

Health coaching is, without question, a cornerstone of the medical home model. According to our data, about 50% of practices transitioning to the medical home model add new health coach staff, while other sites work with the existing team to expand emphasis on health coaching activities. Either way, ensuring right skill set is a major challenge: Many organizations have had difficulty filling the role with staff with all the clinical, organizational, and "people' skills required to deliver real results.

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Launching 45 medical homes in one year

Amanda Berra August 1, 2011

The most recent Medical Home Project Innovator Spotlight Series webconference showcased the work of Baylor Healthcare in building a system-level platform to support a major multi-site rollout of the PCMH model. Administrators walked through their approach, challenges, and lessons learned.

Slides and recorded audio for the webconference are both located here

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Medical Home Project now on Twitter

Amanda Berra August 1, 2011

In addition to this blog, we also starting to share more frequent updates on Twitter. It turns out to be a great way to share breaking medical home developments and some of the interesting items and links that crop up every day in the research of the Medical Home Project.

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  • If you've never used Twitter, this is a perfect, professionally defensible opportunity to try it out!

Benchmarking clinical support staff in primary care sites

Amanda Berra July 26, 2011

We receive many requests for primary care clinical support staff benchmarks specific to certain types of PCMH (or general primary care) sites, for example, integrated delivery systems, independent practices, large practices, small practices, high-capitation markets, etc.

Here, a current set of benchmarks for all medical home site types, along with answers to questions about benchmarking by site type.

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How can an employer access PCMH services?

Amanda Berra June 13, 2011

We recently received an inbound inquiry from a Fortune 100 employer: "We have heard about this new care model called 'medical home' that could help us save money on healthcare costs, and is supposed to be better for patients. How can we get involved?"

Unfortunately, our research indicates that, at least for now, there is no simple answer to that request. Despite a rapid increase in medical home development nationwide, there is no often clear way for most corporations--even hospitals as employers-- to enroll their employees in a medical home today

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PA/NP role in ACO? Look to the PCMH

Amanda Berra May 26, 2011

Today we received the question, "What information do you have on the potential use of PAs in the ACO model?"

From a sheer regulatory perspective, regarding ACOs in current Medicare pilots, PAs are not included in the set of primary care providers to whom patients may attributed under the Shared Savings Program (SSP). However, under the new Pioneer ACO Model, patients can align with PAs (that is, PAs are included in the definition of PCPs.)

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