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Monitoring the promise of telemedicine

Cabell Jonas and Aliya Noormohammed

Telemedicine is a hot topic solution for health systems looking to improve access and extend the reach of the delivery system. Most recently, HealthPartners made the news for the success of their virtual visits that both promote access and reduce costs—while maintaining high quality.

Since 2013 is shaping up to be a year of regulatory change, we wanted to highlight how Mercy Health (part of the Sisters of Mercy Health System) has seamlessly integrated their telemedicine strategy and broader care management framework—with outstanding results. For example, their tele-sepsis model has halved the traditional mortality associated with sepsis and cut LOS by 50%.

We were able to speak with Dr. Thomas Hale, the executive medical director of the system’s Center for Innovative Care, about their integrated structure. Mercy’s vision is to expand telemedicine in four areas:

  • Monitoring: e-ICU, tele-sepsis, and e-SNF initiatives
  • Face-to-face consultation and consultation on demand: tele-stroke, tele-psychiatry, other tele-specialties, and ancillary services
  • Store and forward: radiology, imaging, dermatology, follow-up visits, or minor acuity visits
  • Asynchronous care: e-visits, internet communication, and social media use

In our interview, Dr. Hale discusses some key considerations for pursuing a robust telemedicine infrastructure—and Mercy’s vision of where the IT infrastructure and care management strategy are headed.

To learn more about  Mercy’s approach, please read our complete interview with Dr. Hale.

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