A message from the CEO:

This is a time of great complexity—and opportunity—for health care organizations, and we are better positioned than ever to support your quest to save lives and restore health.

That’s why I’m eager to share with you the vision for our work in 2017 and beyond. The title of this interactive piece, “It starts with you,” is especially fitting: you told us what you need, and we listened.

It’s our great privilege to help you tackle your challenges and reach your goals, and I look forward to working with you in the year ahead. Keep reading for a multimedia look at how we’re helping organizations like yours achieve best practice performance.

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Robert Musslewhite

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Advisory Board

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It starts with you.


You navigate constant change in health care while sustaining the services needed to keep your community healthy.

You have little time to react or to anticipate the next challenge.

But you’re determined to deliver on your mission.

We can help.

For 35+ years, our research has been the health care industry’s guiding light, bringing members closer to best practice performance.


health care organizations in our membership

$2 billion+

in documented ROI each year


health care leaders in our network

We believe that best practices pave the way to better patient outcomes, stronger margins, and ultimately, healthier communities.

Research Platform

At the Core

Research Platform

In an industry this immense and energetic, you’re never the only one facing that pressing challenge. So how do you give your teams a shortcut to the best strategies?

There’s a reason we’ve been hospitals’ and health systems’ trusted advisor for decades. Our research platform leads the industry, activating your organization to get better outcomes, more efficiently.

By tapping into our network of 4,000+ health care organizations, we cut through the noise, evaluating thousands of ideas to give you truly proven best practices. Then we provide training, tools, and expert support to speed implementation of those ideas.

It’s time your organization had its own North Star.

Research Platform
Expert Spotlight

“Research is at the core of everything we do. Our relentless focus on distilling tactics into best practices allows us to provide expertise across all sectors of the health care industry, for all its leaders, on issues ranging from the strategic big picture to the details of everyday clinical practice.”

Lisa Bielamowicz, MD

Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Advisory Board

  • Lisa Bielamowicz, MD

Where We Run Deepest

Drive Health System Growth

Growth is no longer a given—it’s achieved through careful network design, patient acquisition, and customer retention. We help you craft a differentiated strategy that engages physicians, consumers, and employers to meet your growth goals.

Map out your ideal network. Build and acquire the assets you need. Offer ready access, create an exceptional experience, and reap the benefits of patient loyalty.

That’s your path to ongoing growth.

Health System Growth

Health System Growth
Designing and growing your organization
Expert Spotlight

“The biggest struggle I find is the tension between being big or being good. The folks who are really focused on getting chosen because of the exceptional experience of a patient, or the exceptional ability to practice in a system of care… That is a winning approach.”

Tom Cassels

National Partner, Advisory Board

Health System Growth
Building a high-performing ambulatory network
Expert Spotlight

“We have learned from our experience that there is real physician enterprise value that goes way beyond the stand-alone financial performance of the physician enterprise itself.”

John Deane

Chairman, Advisory Board Consulting

Health System Growth
Creating exceptional Experiences from the inside out
Expert Spotlight

“To create the kind of Experience that our patients and their loved ones desire most, and certainly deserve, starts first by an inward look—for us to start on the inside as an organization, to tap into the wisdom and brilliance of our own people…; everyone’s Experience matters.”

Sonia Rhodes

Chief Experience Officer, Advisory Board

Founder, The Experience Lab—an innovative incubator of ideas and accelerator of action

Care Variation Reduction

Where We Run Deepest

Reduce Care Variation

You’re providing more sophisticated care than ever, but innovation also has left you synthesizing a flood of information while constantly updating technology. It’s a near-impossible task that opens the door to inappropriate care.

We’ve helped thousands of hospitals find, and systematically correct, the decisions that lead to avoidable complications and waste.

Our approach doesn’t ignore the frustrating realities of practicing medicine, from EHR woes to endless committees. Instead, we help you reduce burdensome alerts, align your clinical stakeholders, embed care standards, and achieve the adherence needed to elevate quality and reduce costs.

That’s your key to clinical transformation.

Where We Run Deepest

Optimize the Revenue Cycle

You’ve made so many investments to boost efficiency and effectiveness. You’ve pivoted repeatedly to meet changing payment requirements. Yet, your margin is still at risk—along with your ability to meet your mission.

We provide a single point of contact to address your full range of revenue cycle needs. You’ll get a data-driven diagnosis of your greatest opportunities, process improvement expertise, tailored solutions, and seamless connections to the critical work of delivering patient care.

We’ve helped some of the nation’s biggest (and smallest) hospitals regain solid footing and ensure continued success.

It’s your turn.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management
Expert Spotlight

“We want to be sure that the work we do enables every hospital that we work with to have the financial viability to care for the patients in their community.”

James Green

National Partner, Advisory Board


Member Stories

The power of best practices

Best practices mean nothing if they don’t produce results. That’s why the ultimate goal is to make them work for you. We’ve helped hospitals and health systems keep their doors open, protect cancer patients from enormous medical bills, and implement the technology needed to transform care.

Here are a few of their stories.

The Power of Best Practices

Bouncing Back for the Sake of Its Community

Health System: Schuylkill Health
(now Lehigh Valley Hospital-Schuylkill)

Location: Pottsville, PA

In a small town, easy access to a hospital can quite literally mean the difference between life and death. That’s why the staff at Schuylkill Health—now part of Lehigh Valley Health Network—knew closing their doors was not an option. But with only 17 days’ cash on hand and a negative 8% operating margin, they knew something had to change, and fast.

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The Power of Best Practices

Protecting Patients or Protecting Margins? Yes.

Hospital: Houston Methodist Hospital

Location: Houston, TX

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating. So is being hit with a huge bill for your treatment. When Advisory Board tools uncovered a high number of medical necessity denials for expensive infusion drugs at Houston Methodist, which left patients to foot the bill, hospital staff knew they needed to find a way to help.

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The Power of Best Practices

Ensuring High-Quality, Accessible Care for All New Yorkers

Health System: NYC Health + Hospitals

Location: New York. NY

When you’re the nation’s largest public health system, a highly capable electronic health records system is essential to providing high-quality, accessible care. But, as NYC Health + Hospitals realized, implementing an EHR system at that scale takes engaged stakeholders, thoughtful workflow, and a team with deep expertise.

See their story arrow

We’re driven to help you.

At Advisory Board, making health care better isn’t just our job. It’s our passion. We come to work every day energized by the knowledge that our insight can help you save a life, strengthen a community, and change the world.


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Image Credits: Slides 3, 5, 16: Getty Images
Slides 7–9, 13-14, 21: Nini Jin | SLIDE 20: Ginny Filer


©2017 Advisory Board • All Rights Reserved • 34497

Image Credits: Slides 3, 5, 16: Getty Images
Slides 7–9, 13-14, 20: Nini Jin | SLIDE 21: Ginny Filer