Pamela Divack

Experience & Background

Pamela Divack is a Consultant with Advisory Board's Life Sciences and Health Care Ecosystem division. She leads research and develops interactive experiences that support executives at pharmaceutical and medical device companies in making strategic and operational decisions as the health care ecosystem evolves. Pam also authors whitepapers, expert insights, blog posts, toolkits, presentations, and other research-based content to deliver the research to executive audiences. While her focus is in the life sciences industry, Pam also works on initiatives to foster cross-industry collaboration between payers, providers, life sciences, technology companies, and other health care stakeholders.

Pam's recent research has focused on topics including: real-world evidence, clinical trial innovation, digital platforms for medical communications, health technology assessment (HTA) evaluation processes, health plan and provider decision making, life sciences strategy, medical "value," and Covid-19 vaccine development and rollout.

Pam graduated from Cornell University's College of Arts and Sciences with a B.A. in Biology and Society and minor in Business.

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