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Another month, another boost for health care

Dan Diamond, Managing Editor

Well, that was short-lived.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is out with its latest jobs data. And according to Friday's report, health care didn't lose jobs in September after all; the sector gained 8,400 positions, BLS now estimates.

Coupled with new projections for October (+18,500 jobs) and November (+28,400 jobs), that means health care hasn't had a single month with negative jobs growth for more than a decade.

And it also means that  2013 is shaping up to be another ho-hum year of 240,000-plus jobs gained for the health sector—again shining a light on the paradox that even though health costs are slowing, health jobs keep growing.

How to get frontline staff to be more productive

Hospitals’ ability to improve cost and quality performance depends on staff at every level within the organization. But there is a troubling disconnect between expectations for the organization and those for frontline staff, Steven Berkow remarks.

Providers are increasingly held to an 'A for outcomes' standard, but continue to hand out 'A's for effort' to their frontline staff, Berkow says. So what's most successful way to align individual behavior with organizational strategy? Instill accountability—rather than hold staff accountable.

Watch Steven's video to learn four key levers for driving shared responsibility and staff commitment to organizational success, then visit the frontline accountability topic page to browse the latest best practice research, expert guidance, webconferences, and more from across the Advisory Board.

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