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December 14, 2020

Weekly review: The riskiest (and safest) activities in the coronavirus epidemic, according to 700 epidemiologists

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    The 105 best hospitals, according to Leapfrog; how well states are social distancing, mapped; and more.

    Map: Are your state's residents social distancing? (Monday, December 7)

    Recent surveys show rates of social distancing among Americans plummeted leading up to this fall, when the country started seeing another surge in new coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, Rob Stein reports for NPR's "Shots." Check out our interactive maps to see how well your state adhered to social distancing—and other coronavirus countermeasures—throughout 2020.

    The riskiest (and safest) activities in the coronavirus epidemic, according to 700 epidemiologists (Tuesday, December 8)

    As Americans grapple with another surge in new coronavirus cases, many are wondering which activities of day-to-day life are safe—and which place them at high risk of exposure. The New York Times surveyed 700 epidemiologists to find out.

    The 100 'most influential' people in health care, according to Modern Healthcare (Wednesday, December 9)

    Modern Healthcare's "100 Most Influential People in Healthcare" list, which was topped this year by frontline health workers in recognition of their work amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, also recognizes dozens of hospital and health system executives, industry leaders, and more.

    The 105 best hospitals, according to Leapfrog (Thursday, December 10)

    The Leapfrog Group last week released its 2020 Top Hospitals list, recognizing 105 hospitals for excellence in hospital quality, patient safety, and efficiency—and 82 hospitals on the list are Advisory Board members.

    How Pat Geraghty reimagined Florida Blue—and built a $20B, 45-state organization (Friday, December 11)

    In this edition of "Lessons from the C-suite," Pat Geraghty, president and CEO of GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation, talks with Advisory Board's Eric Larsen about GuideWell's inception and "stratospheric" growth; the organization's first-of-its-kind partnership with the Columbia-based comprehensive health company, Sanitas; and his life-defining experience on an Israeli kibbutz.

    How Covid-19 is changing the future of the health care industry


    Read on to get Advisory Board's take on how Covid-19 will reshape demand, purchaser strategies, the competitive landscape, and delivery models.

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