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October 26, 2020

Weekly review: Does your blood type affect your Covid-19 risk? Here's the latest evidence.

Daily Briefing

    How to calculate your 'Body Shape Index'—and why it might matter more than your BMI (Monday, October 19)
    Plenty of research has shown that being overweight or obese is tied to a higher risk of premature death, but a new research review suggests that where a person carries excess fat "could make a big difference"—and even may lower a person's risk of an early death, Nicholas Bakalar writes for the New York Times' "Well."

    Does your blood type affect your Covid-19 risk? Here's the latest evidence. (Tuesday, October 20)
    Two studies recently published in Blood Advances add to a growing body of evidence showing there may be a correlation between a person's blood type and their risk of developing a severe case of Covid-19—and suggest one blood type in particular may be tied to a lower risk.

    Is Covid-19 lung damage reversible? Here's what the evidence says. (Wednesday, October 21)
    Many Covid-19 patients are affected by severe lung damage, and doctors have feared that damage may be irreversible. But preliminary research now suggests that may not be the case, Lina Zeldovich reports for the New York Times.

    These 5 factors increase your risk of becoming a Covid-19 'long-hauler' (Thursday, October 22)
    Researchers from King's College London have identified five main factors that are associated with whether Covid-19 patients experience symptoms that persist in the long term.

    The top hospitals for 16 specialties, according to Healthgrades (Friday, October 23)
    Healthgrades on Tuesday released its 2021 analysis of the top hospitals in the United States, which evaluated the performance of almost 4,500 hospitals and assessed clinical outcomes for 34 procedures and conditions across 16 specialty areas. Find out where your hospital ranked.

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