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August 31, 2020

Weekly review: After a 'healthy' 11-year-old died, doctors found coronavirus in her heart

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    'It is not working': Just days after reopening, some colleges are closing down again (Monday, August 24)
    Colleges and universities are scrambling to address coronavirus outbreaks that emerged as students returned to campus this month. Here's where the coronavirus struck—and how schools are reimagining college life amid the epidemic.

    'Like serving on the front lines of a war': 2 ED doctors on what it’s really like to treat Covid-19 (Tuesday, August 25) To learn what Covid-19 has been like on the frontlines of America's coronavirus hot spots, The Guardian recently sat down with Tsion Firew, an ED doctor in New York, and Cedric Dark, an ED doctor in Houston, to talk about their harrowing experiences. Here's what they had to say.

    After a 'healthy' 11-year-old died, doctors found coronavirus in her heart—revealing new dangers from Covid-19 (Wednesday, August 26)
    In a new case study, doctors in Brazil report that they found particles of the novel coronavirus in the cardiac tissue of an 11-year-old child who died from heart failure caused by an inflammatory syndrome related to Covid-19—and they say their findings mark some notable firsts in coronavirus research.

    The 'nightmare' winter: What happens when Covid-19 and flu strike together? (Thursday, August 27)
    To ward off the "nightmare" that could occur if the United States experiences its traditional flu season this winter alongside high rates of coronavirus transmission, public health officials have a clear message for the public: Get your flu shot.

    Weekly line: Trump's 8 health care priorities for a second term (Friday, August 28)
    At last week's Republican National Convention, President Trump and his fellow Republicans touted Trump's priorities for a potential second term. Daily Briefing's Ashley Fuoco Antonelli dives in on his major health care goals—and Trump's record on those initiatives so far.

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