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August 14, 2020

Weekend reads: What makes this face mask worth $1.5M?

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    Ben Palmer's reads

    Why this man is painting portraits of health care workers. Steve Derrick, a video game developer, spends his free time painting. After coming across an Instagram account called @frontlinehealthheroes_, which documents experiences of health care workers on the frontlines of America's coronavirus epidemic, Derrick said he was "completely moved by health care workers and what they're dealing with." Derrick then started painting portraits based on the photos posted of health care workers on the page and, since early April, he's painted and mailed out over 120 portraits to the workers—and says he still has over 200 he wants to complete.

    Why some groceries are still difficult to find. At the start of America's coronavirus epidemic, many consumers reported that groceries like toilet paper and canned foods were difficult to find. While those items are more in stock now, some other grocery items still remain difficult to find, and the Wall Street Journal's Annie Gasparro and Stephanie Stamm dig into why.

    Danielle Poindexter's reads

    Do American men think masks threaten their masculinity? A Gallup poll from last month found that American men were more likely to forego wearing face masks than American women, with 20% of men saying they "never" wore a mask outside their homes. Now, experts are finding that some men might view the masks and other safety measures as a threat to their manhood, Alex Abad-Santos writes for Vox.

    The most expensive coronavirus mask in the world. An Israeli jeweler is developing an 18-karat white gold, diamond-encrusted face mask that, with a price tag of $1.5M, will be the most expensive coronavirus protective covering in the world. Issac Levy, who owns the company creating the mask, said the mask will be adorned with 3,600 diamonds and will be fitted with N99 filters.

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