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July 20, 2020

Weekly review: The risk of dying from Covid-19—by age, sex, weight, and ethnicity

Daily Briefing

    The risk of dying from Covid-19—by age, sex, weight, and ethnicity (Monday, July 13)
    A study of more than 17 million people in England sheds light on how much a person's age, race/ethnicity, body mass index, and more are correlated with their risk of dying from Covid-19. See the patterns on our interactive chart.

    What dozens of Covid-19 patient autopsies have revealed about the disease (Tuesday, July 14)
    Experts across the United States have performed dozens of autopsies on patients who died from Covid-19, and their findings could have a significant impact on how health care providers treat patients with the disease.

    Is 'moderate' drinking really safe? (Wednesday, July 15)
    The federal government may soon lower its recommendation for how much alcohol Americans can safely consume, as experts increasingly question whether "moderate" drinking truly brings health benefits, the New York Times' Anahad O'Connor reports.

    The next generation of face masks could be see-through and self-cleaning. (And they might not fog your glasses.) (Thursday, July 16)
    Tech companies are looking to capitalize on the public's growing use of face masks, creating high-tech masks that can assist wearers with everyday tasks and more.

    Are outdoor gatherings safe? Here's what experts say. (Friday, July 17)
    With the United States' coronavirus epidemic resurging, Americans eager to reunite with their friends and families in a safe way are turning toward gathering outside. But some cities recently have linked coronavirus outbreaks to outdoor events, leaving some people to wonder: Are outdoor gatherings safe?

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