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June 5, 2020

Weekend reads: Netflix and Covid-19?

Daily Briefing

    Ben Palmer's reads

    The new coronavirus is coming to movies and TV. Reports of coming movie and television shows about the new coronavirus pandemic are starting to emerge, including a movie famed director Michael Bay and former Paramount Pictures Film Group President Adam Goodman are developing called "Songbird": a thriller about a deadlier version of the virus rampaging through Los Angeles, according to the Wall Street Journal's Ellen Gamerman. Gamerman explores some of the other pandemic-themed entertainment that could come to fruition—and why show and movie creators feel they need to be careful about how they address the pandemic.

    How driving slower can result in fewer traffic deaths and cleaner air. As more people are staying home as a result of the pandemic, fewer cars have been on the road, and that's resulted in less carbon emissions and cleaner air, the New York Times' Tanya Mohn writes. However, traffic deaths haven't dropped, in part because drivers' average speeds have increased during the pandemic, according to Mohn, who examines the impact driving speed and other traffic conditions have on car fatalities air quality, and more.

    Danielle Poindexter's reads

    Exercise injuries increase amid pandemic. With gyms closed in many areas amid the pandemic, people have been finding new ways to get in shape or stay fit. But now, medical professionals say more people are reporting workout-related injuries such as tendinitis and muscle strain.

    Medical students go back to school. In March, medical and nursing students were removed from clinical rotations and shifted to online classes due to risks related to America's new coronavirus epidemic. Now, medical schools plan to bring back students this month, with an emphasis on safety and fast-tracked education that will prepare the students to enter the workforce amid a potential second wave of the epidemic.

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