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May 26, 2020

Weekly review: Which social distancing policies are most effective? Here's what a new study found.

Daily Briefing

    The highest- and lowest-paid doctors (and what Covid-19 means for their pay) (Monday, May 18)
    Before America's new coronavirus epidemic, average physician pay had risen in 2020, according to Medscape's Physician Compensation Report 2020. But Advisory Board's Sarah Hostetter and Eliza Campbell note that average compensation now is likely to decline—and argue that the time is ripe for physician executives to overhaul physician compensation models.

    The 45 health care companies that made this year's Fortune 500 (Tuesday, May 19)
    Fortune last week released its 66th annual ranked list of the 500 companies that generated the most revenue in the previous fiscal year, and five health care systems—as well as dozens of other companies in the health care industry—made the list.

    Which social distancing policies are most effective? Here's what a new study found. (Wednesday, May 20)
    A new study published in Health Affairs found that social distancing policies have significantly reduced the spread of the new coronavirus in America—and sheds light on which social distancing measures were most effective.

    The new coronavirus stopped this 12-year-old's heart—twice (Thursday, May 21)
    When Juliet Daly, a 12-year-old girl living in Louisiana, fell ill, her mother suspected the flu or appendicitis—but at the hospital, Juliet deteriorated quickly, and then she tested positive for the new coronavirus, Ariana Eunjung Cha and Chelsea Janes report for the Washington Post.

    What makes a Covid-19 patient a 'superspreader'? (Friday, May 22)
    Multiple so-called "superspreading events"—in which an outbreak of a disease occurs within a cluster of people—have occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic, but while some people infected with the new coronavirus can be superspreaders, others don't spread the virus at all, Kai Kupferschmidt reports for Science Magazine.

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