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March 30, 2020

Weekly review: How Penn Med is bolstering capacity and staff to brace for COVID-19 cases

Daily Briefing

    How to protect your team's resilience in the coronavirus pandemic (Monday, March 23)
    Hospitals around the world are tackling issues of team communication, engagement, and resilience—and that focus is more important now than ever. Advisory Board's Bec Richmond shares timely insights on team communication and engagement, with several specific tools to support team resilience during this taxing time.

    3 ways to shut down the COVID-19 rumor mill (Tuesday, March 24)
    Chances are you've got plenty of rumors about COVID-19 circulating at your organization, fueling staff uncertainty and anxiety. Here are three ways you can quickly surface and dispel misinformation, according to Advisory Board's Lauren Rewers and Taylor Hurst.

    Loss of smell and taste: A new COVID-19 warning sign? (Wednesday, March 25)
    A pair of ear, nose, and throat doctors in the United Kingdom earlier this month published a statement warning doctors that anosmia, or loss of sense of smell, and ageusia, diminished sense of taste, could be symptoms of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

    Preparing for the surge: How Penn Med is bolstering capacity and staff to brace for COVID-19 cases (Thursday, March 26)
    Advisory Board's Steven Berkow recently spoke with Penn Medicine CMO and Senior VP Patrick J. Brennan about what steps his health system is taking to care for a surge in COVID-19 patients.

    When desperation breeds creativity: How US hospitals are approaching a PPE shortage (Friday, March 27)
    A national shortage of personal protective equipment is forcing U.S. health systems to deploy creative strategies to conserve and improvise alternatives to face masks, respirators, eye protection, and gowns. Advisory Board's Virginia Reid and Taylor Hurst share some creative strategies hospitals are adopting to reuse—or replace—protective gear.

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