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December 2, 2019

Weekly review: 10 must-read books this winter

Daily Briefing

    This computer can predict whether you'll die this year. (Just don't ask how it works.) (Monday, Nov. 25)
    Researchers at Geisinger have developed an algorithm that uses electrocardiogram (ECG) data to determine whether a person will die within a year, Geisinger recently announced.

    10 must-read books for your holiday travels, according to Advisory Board's experts (Tuesday, Nov. 26)
    If you're among the 112 million Americans hitting the road (or the skies) this holiday season, you'll need a good book to keep you company. Here's Advisory Board's winter reading list, offering 10 recommendations from our experts on how to escape hidden 'mindtraps,' empower yourself and others around the world, and explore contemporary issues within and beyond health care.

    The 25 best health care inventions of 2019, according to TIME (Wednesday, Nov. 27)
    TIME recently released its list of the 100 Best Inventions of 2019 based on factors including creativity, effectiveness, influence, and originality—here are the 25 health care inventions that made the list.

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