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November 4, 2019

Weekly review: Hospitals dress up NICU babies for Halloween (and yes, we have pictures)

Daily Briefing

    Marc Harrison's 5 principles for successful value-based care (Monday, Oct. 28)
    As the health care industry moves toward value-based models of care, Intermountain Healthcare President and CEO Marc Harrison writing in Harvard Business Review offers his five principles to implementing a successful value-based care program.

    Why Quest Diagnostics' CEO isn't content to run the 'world's largest lab'—and where he's taking the $8B company next (Tuesday, Oct. 29)
    In this edition of "Lessons from the C-Suite," Steve Rusckowski, chair, president, and CEO of Quest Diagnostics, talks about how diagnostic information services can inflect the country's $3.6 trillion in health care costs, the unexpected upside of the Theranos misadventure, and how Quest is thinking about the drawbacks—and benefits—of the landscape-changing regulatory shift known as PAMA.

    Death at 30,000 feet: What really happens during an inflight medical emergency (Wednesday, Oct. 30)
    It's rare for airplane passengers to experience a fatal medical emergency midflight, but that's what happened on board medical journalist Kate Johnson's flight. In the New York Times' "Well," Johnson recalls the harrowing effort by medical professionals on the plane to revive the passenger—and the crew's "calm" response.

    Hospitals dress up NICU babies for Halloween (and yes, we have pictures) (Thursday, Oct. 31)
    The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of a hospital can be a difficult, scary place sometimes, but to bring joy to the parents of NICU patients, hospitals around the country this week are dressing up their patients in tiny Halloween costumes.

    The state of America's health, in 7 charts (Friday, Nov. 1)
    Life expectancy in the United States has decreased, while rates of obesity, drug overdoses, and health care costs overall have steadily increased, according to a new report from CDC's National Center for Health Statistics that spotlights the country's state of health.

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