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September 30, 2019

Around the nation: Walmart's Sam's Club will offer discounted health services to members

Daily Briefing

    The company will offer discounts on care through four health care service bundles that will cost between $50 and $240 annually, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Arizona, Arkansas, and Massachusetts.

    • Arizona: Experts are warning parents not to let their kids play in floodwater, which could contain dangerous bacteria. "When we have lots of water come down, it goes into our sewers and then our sewers overflow," said Frank LoVecchio, a toxicologist with Banner Poison and Drug Information Center at Banner Health. "So, anything that you flushed the night before is in that water today" (DesVergnes, KOLD News13, 9/25).

    • Arkansas: Walmart's Sam's Club next month will offer health care services to members through a discount health program in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. The company will offer discounts on "everyday" health care through four health care service bundles that will cost between $50 and $240 annually, Fox Business reports. The pilot program could eventually be rolled out to Sam's Club members in all states, according to Lori Flees, SVP of Sam's Club Health and Wellness (Martin, AP/Fox Business, 9/26).

    • Massachusetts: When pediatric patients at Boston Children's Hospital are discharged from care, hospital staff stand along the halls of the oncology and hematology unit to participate in a celebratory send-off called the "bubble parade." During the parade, as the children walk down the hall, staff blow bubbles in their path. Six-year-old Avery McAvoy had her bubble parade in 2015 after enduring 12 months of treatment for neuroblastoma. Looking back at the bubble parade, McAvoy's father, Kevin, said he was "overwhelmed with joy as we realized Avery had won her battle, and it was finally time to go home" (DesVergenes, Boston Globe, 9/27).

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