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September 16, 2019

Weekly review: Mayo Clinic, Google launch 10-year partnership to 'redefine how health care is delivered'

Daily Briefing

    Are diet sodas dangerous? New research deepens the debate. (Monday, Sept. 9)
    Drinking soft drinks every day, including sugar-free diet sodas, is associated with a greater risk of premature death, according to a study of over 450,000 people published Tuesday in JAMA Internal Medicine—although some experts say the debate over diet sodas' safety is far from over.

    'Walmart Health' is opening this week (Tuesday, Sept. 10)
    Walmart last week opened a new, standalone health clinic in Georgia called Walmart Health, marking the company's latest push into the primary care market.

    Mayo Clinic + Google: The new 10-year partnership to 'redefine how health care is delivered' (Wednesday, Sept. 11) Mayo Clinic on Tuesday announced a 10-year strategic partnership with Google to develop new AI technologies—and their plan even includes a new Google office located in Mayo's hometown of Rochester, Minnesota.

    Patrick Conway led the industry in health care transformation at CMS. At Blue Cross NC, he's not stopping. (Thursday, Sept. 12)
    In this edition of "Lessons from the C-suite," Patrick Conway, president and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina, talks about the "biggest change in the Blues system in more than 20 years," the family "mission statement" behind his career choices, and how he's challenging the industry on health care transformation—with an unprecedented model of two-sided risk.

    5 conversations that changed our minds about health care (Friday, Sept. 13)
    Advisory Board researchers speak with dozens of health care experts every week—and each conversation leads to at least some shift in how they think about the industry. But occasionally, they have a conversation that fundamentally changes the way they view things. Here are five of the most impactful.

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