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September 9, 2019

Weekly review: He died of an overdose—after $110,000 in addiction treatment

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    First, she had a heart transplant. Then, a debt collector added her on LinkedIn. (Tuesday, Sept. 3)
    Tens of millions of Americans owe medical debt, and it's not uncommon for collections agencies to pursue aggressive tactics to recoup the balance, Ogla Khazan reports for The Atlantic.

    From Ascension to Intermountain and now 'home' at SSM Health: How Laura Kaiser is 'systematizing' mission-based care (Wednesday, Sept. 4)
    In this edition of "Lessons from the C-suite," Laura Kaiser, president and CEO of SSM Health, talks about the call to nonprofit health care, SSM Health's legacy of caring for "Our Dear Lords," and why she's completed at least one triathlon almost every year—for the last 36 years.

    He died of an overdose—after $110,000 in addiction treatment (Thursday, Sept. 5)
    In August 2017, Sean Blake died of an overdose, after nearly a decade cycling in and out of addiction treatment programs that cost his family $110,000—a story that highlights the flaws in the U.S. addiction treatment system, German Lopez reports for Vox.

    Why your office culture may be toxic—even if you don't realize it (Friday, Sept. 6)
    In Harvard Business Review, Walmart EVP Celia Swanson describes how leaders unknowingly enable toxic work cultures and lists three ways they can confront it.

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