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August 6, 2019

Around the nation: Mount Sinai reaches capacity after a series of shootings

Daily Briefing

    At peak capacity, Mount Sinai Hospital had 12 trauma patients, according to Roberta Rakove, the hospital's senior VP for external affairs, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Colorado, Illinois, and New York.

    • Colorado: A new Colorado law that took effect Friday allows doctors in the state to prescribe patients medical marijuana in place of opiates for any condition. The law faced little opposition in the state's Legislature. However, critics of the new law said it would cause patients to forego needed medication. "Our real concern is that a patient would go to a physician with a condition that has a medical treatment with evidence behind it, and then instead of that treatment, they would be recommended marijuana instead," one physician said. Colorado is the third state to enact such a law (Bowden, The Hill, 8/2).

    • Illinois: Mount Sinai Hospital on Sunday temporarily stopped accepting patients, because it reached capacity after receiving victims from a series of shootings that occurred in Chicago over the weekend. Roberta Rakove, the hospital's senior VP for external affairs, said the hospital went "on bypass," meaning it stopped accepting patients from ambulances. At peak capacity, Mount Sinai had 12 trauma patients, according to Ravoke. Chicago Police Public Information Officer Anthony Guglielmi on Sunday said the shooting incidents stemmed from gang conflict (Thompson et al., CNN, 8/5; Cauguiran, ABC7, 8/5)

    • New York: A New York resident died last week after contracting the rare Powassan virus, which is spread by infected deer ticks. The Ulster Country Department of Health and Mental Health said the patient had other underlying health conditions not related to the virus. The case marked the first-known diagnosis of Powassan virus in New York this year (Cordero, USA Today, 8/1).

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