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April 16, 2019

Weekly review: The highest-paid doctors (and the lowest), according to Medscape

Daily Briefing

    LinkedIn's top 50 companies to work for. (Hint: They're hungry for health care skills.) (Monday, April 8)
    LinkedIn earlier this month released its list of the Top 50 Companies in the United States, highlighting the "companies where Americans want to work"—and the list includes several big tech companies that are actively expanding into health care.

    Map: America's most (and least) stressed states, according to WalletHub (Tuesday, April 9)
    WalletHub has released its annual list of the most stressed-out states in America. Explore our interactive map to find out how your state fared—and then learn a simple way to reduce your work stress from Advisory Board's Kate Vonderhaar.

    7 doctors failed to diagnose this boy's mysterious illness. Then, his mom had an idea. (Wednesday, April 10)
    A 16-year-old boy suffering from chills, sweats, aching, and lethargy found himself in EDs around the world over the course of a summer's travels, but he could never get a diagnosis—until his mom offered an unusual suggestion, Lisa Sanders writes for the New York Times Magazine.

    The highest-paid doctors (and the lowest), according to Medscape (Thursday, April 11)
    The average physician salary rose to $313,000 in 2019—but some physicians make more than twice as much as others, according to the Medscape Physician Compensation 2019 report. Explore the latest trends in compensation by specialty, gender, race, and other factors on our interactive charts.

    Bees?! Why this woman had 4 bees living in her eyelid. (Friday, April 12)
    When a Taiwanese woman—identified by her last name, He—started experiencing extreme pain and swelling in her eye, she went to the hospital, where doctors discovered four bees living in her eyelid.

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