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December 6, 2018

ACO roundup: Clinicians more skeptical than health care executives about value-based care, survey finds

Daily Briefing
    • Clinicians less confident about value-based care than health care executives, survey finds. Clinicians have more doubts than health care executives about the viability and benefits of value-based care, according to a survey in NEJM Catalyst. The survey found 55% of health care executives thought value-based care would substantially boost care quality, compared with just 38% of clinicians. Moreover, while 50% of health care executives thought value-based care would significantly curb care costs, only 36% of clinicians said they felt the same. The survey also found that just 37% of clinicians said they believe value-based reimbursement will eventually become the primary revenue payment model in the United States, compared with 51% of health care executives.
    • Study: Ambulances take longer to respond to 911 calls in low-income areas. Individuals in low-income areas who call 911 to get emergency care for cardiac arrest may have to wait 10% longer than those who call from high-income areas, according to a new study in JAMA Network Open. For the study, researchers assessed 2014 data from the National Emergency Medical Services Information System on 63,600 911 calls made by individuals who were taken to the hospital for cardiac arrest treatment. According to the researchers, zip codes with the highest incomes had an average total emergency medical service (EMS) time of 37.5 minutes, compared with 43 minutes in zip codes in the lowest income bracket. In addition, ambulances were more likely to meet national benchmarks that recommend responding to cardiac arrest 911 calls within four, eight, and 15 minutes in high-income areas than in low-income areas.

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