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November 19, 2018

Weekly review: How much exercise you need, according to new US guidelines

Daily Briefing

    Map: The best (and worst) states for hospital safety, according to Leapfrog (Monday, Nov. 12)
    The Leapfrog Group recently released its latest rankings of all 50 states for hospital safety, as measured by the share of "A" hospitals in each state. See how your state fared on our interactive map.

    How much exercise you need, according to new US guidelines (Tuesday, Nov. 13)
    HHS released new physical activity guidelines last week meant to encourage Americans to move more—even in small bursts. HHS estimates that "$117 billion in annual health care costs and about 10% of premature mortality are associated with inadequate physical activity."

    What 'Amazon health care' could look like in 5 years (Wednesday, Nov. 14)
    While Amazon grabbed headlines last week by announcing the location of its new headquarters, the health care industry has been keeping a wary eye on the retail, technology, and logistics giant for years. Advisory Board's Yulan Egan outlines the five biggest threats Amazon may pose to the industry.

    The 30 rising health care stars under 30, according to Forbes (Thursday, Nov. 15)
    Forbes last week released its annual 30 Under 30 in health care list, which includes biological researchers, entrepreneurs, physicians, and PhD students under 30 years of age who are working to improve health care delivery in the United States.

    Why you shouldn’t trust the hype on that new low-carb diet study (Friday, Nov. 16)
    A new study published in BMJ suggests that diets low in carbs could enable people to burn more calories than other diets—but several nutrition experts say the results may not mean much for real-world.

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