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September 27, 2018

Around the nation: Mercy Health to cover up to $20K of student loan debt for nurses

Daily Briefing

    The move is intended to improve the retention and recruitment of nurses in "hard-to-fill jobs", in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from California, Colorado, and Ohio.

    • California: UC Davis Medical Center added video chat devices to its neonatal intensive care unit as part of an expansion of the hospital's pediatric unit. The cameras will allow parents to video chat with their babies, via a laptop, smartphone, or tablet with a video chat app (Alvarez, Sacramento Business Journal, 9/25).

    • Colorado: Children's Hospital Colorado announced last week that it is no longer including gender identification on patients' hospital wristbands. The decision, which coincides with the work of the hospital's TRUE Center for Gender Diversity, came about when the hospital started "seeing more and more patients who have diverse gender identities," according to Natalie Nokoff, a pediatrician at the hospital. The hospital hopes that the decision will make all patients "feel comfortable and at home" (Gutierrez, Sacramento Bee, 9/25).

    • Ohio: Last month, Mercy Health launched a student loan repayment program for full-time nurses to improve nurse recruitment and retention. Through the student loan repayment program, eligible nurses can receive monthly contributions toward outstanding college debt. Mercy Health plans to contribute up to $20,000 per nurse (Brunsman, Cincinnati Business Journal, 9/25).

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