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July 2, 2018

Weekly review: US News names its 'Best Children's Hospitals' for 2018

Daily Briefing

    Male nurses are outnumbered 7:1. But they still earn more money, these charts show. (Monday, June 25)
    Men make up just 12% of the nursing workforce in the United States, yet they earn about $6,000 more on average than their female counterparts, according to the Nursing Salary Research Report released by

    US News names its 'Best Children's Hospitals' for 2018 (Tuesday, June 26)
    Boston Children's ranks No. 1 for the fifth year in a row.

    The Stanford Prison Experiment was bunk, an exposé reveals. What's next for psychology's 'replication crisis?' (Wednesday, June 27)
    One of psychology's most famous studies was little more than an "academic reality show," according to previously unpublished documents and recordings—and it's not the only foundational psychology study being called into question, Brian Resnick writes for Vox.

    Justice Kennedy is retiring. These health care decisions are on the line. (Thursday, June 28)
    Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy last week announced his retirement—and observers say his departure as the high court's key swing vote could change the court's approach to cases related to abortion, health benefits for same-sex spouses, and more.

    3 'microshifts' to engage your staff—without adding work to your plate (Friday, June 29)
    Many managers want to prioritize employee engagement but find they are crunched for time. Advisory Board's Craig Pirner offers a solution: three "microshifts" that you can incorporate into your day to boost engagement without adding any work to your plate.

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