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January 2, 2018

Around the nation: CMS grants first-ever 10-year Medicaid waiver to Mississippi

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    The state under the waiver may continue providing family planning services to eligible low-income individuals who are not enrolled in other public or private plans that provide such coverage, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Connecticut, Ohio, and Texas.

    • Mississippi: CMS in December 2017 awarded the state the first-ever 10-year extension of a 1115 Medicaid waiver, a decision that CMS officials said is part of the agency's effort to provide states more flexibility in operating their Medicaid programs. The 1115 Medicaid demonstration waiver—a type of waiver typically awarded in five-year increments—lets the state cover family planning services to individuals ages 13 to 44 who have incomes up to 194% of the federal poverty level and who are not enrolled in Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP, or other qualified health plans that provide family planning services (Meyer, Modern Healthcare, 12/28).

    • Ohio: Lindner Center of HOPE has received $75 million to address mental health care in the Cincinnati region. The area is facing a high rate of teenage suicides. For instance, Hamilton County for the first time has recorded two consecutive years of teen suicide deaths in the double-digits. The county saw 13 suicides in 2016 and has seen 12 as of mid-December 2017 (AP/Sacramento Bee, 12/18).

    • Texas: CHI St. Luke's Health has picked Jim Parisi, a former CEO at Memorial Hermann Health System's Katy Hospital, to serve as president of three hospitals in the Woodlands, Lakeside, and Springwoods Village. Parisi will start on Jan. 29. Parisi will succeed David Argueta, whom Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City tapped for chief administrative officer (Pulsinelli, Houston Business Journal, 12/18).

    Where the states stand on Medicaid expansion

    The Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) allowed states to opt of the law's Medicaid expansion, leaving each state's decision to participate in the hands of the nation's governors and state leaders.

    The Daily Briefing editorial teams have been tracking where each state stands on the issue since the ruling, combing through lawmakers' statements, press releases, and media coverage. In this latest iteration of our Medicaid map, we've determined each state's position based on legislative or executive actions to expand coverage to low-income residents using ACA funding.

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