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June 26, 2017

Weekly review: What you need to know about the Senate health care bill

Daily Briefing

    The 50 most influential physician leaders, according to Modern Healthcare (June 19)
    Of the 33 hospital and health system leaders on the list, 32 work at organizations that are Advisory Board members.

    4 ways your job can ruin your health—and a doctor's prescription for the problem (June 20)
    Physician Ronesh Sinha shares his takeaways from treating patients with diabetes and heart problems on how the modern workplace environment may harm your health, and offers several potential fixes.

    Our 10 takeaways on the MACRA proposed rule (June 21)
    Advisory Board's Dennis Weaver shares his 10 initial takeaways on the 1,058-page proposed rule to implement MACRA's Quality Payment Program.

    The Senate's health care bill just dropped. Here's what you need to know. (June 22)
    Read on to learn how the Senate's new health care bill would change the industry—including through deep cuts to Medicaid over time, new flexibility for states to waive insurance coverage requirements, and the end of the individual mandate.

    Side-by-side: The ACA vs. the GOP bills (June 23)
    The Daily Briefing team put together a chart to help you understand several key provisions and effects of the Affordable Care Act, House-passed American Health Care Act (AHCA), and newly released Senate health care bill discussion draft.

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