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June 22, 2017

Mayo Clinic launches new effort to help providers act on genomic data

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    In a new venture, Mayo Clinic has teamed up with the tech company 2bPrecise to merge patients' EHRs with "actionable" genomic data to facilitate diagnosis and treatment decisions, Jeff Kiger writes for the Rochester Post Bulletin

    5 must-have upgrades for the consumer-focused health system

    According to Assaf Halevy, 2bPrecise founder and CEO, the two organizations are initially focusing on research, with the long-term possibility of developing a clinical product. Ultimately, Halevy said, 2bPrecise's product is aimed at making it easier for physicians to access and use patients' genomic data when making diagnoses and determining treatment.

    In the collaboration, the two organizations plan to research a genetic cardiovascular disease called familial hypercholesterolemia (FH). Researchers are trying to integrate Mayo's algorithm for FH into 2bPrecise's platform so that they can then test out new protocols.

    Citing Mayo's "very robust genomics research discipline," Halevy said the collaboration will leverage Mayo's "clinical know-how" while 2bPrecise provides the necessary technology to put it into practice (Kiger, Rochester Post Bulletin, 6/10; Cohen, Becker's Health IT & CIO Review, 6/5).

    5 must-have upgrades for the consumer-focused health system

    5 must-have upgrades for the consumer-focused health system

    Failure to prepare for today's consumer-driven reality is a risky strategy in any market. Increased out-of-pocket costs, the improvement of price transparency tools, the emergence of meaningful alternatives to traditional care sites, and the weakening of the traditional patient-physician relationship have accelerated the growth of a consumer market.

    Health systems that do not build real consumer loyalty are in danger of losing substantial share to new competitors. If they hope to grow, organizations must build long-term durable relationships with their customers. Check out this infographic to see five upgrades health systems should make to succeed in this new era of health care.

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