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June 20, 2017

Around the nation: Nevada gov. vetoes 'Medicaid-for-all' bill

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    • Louisiana: The Central Louisiana Area Health Education Center (AHEC) is running a program called AHEC of a Summer that lets qualifying high school students spend 15 days shadowing health care providers working across various hospital departments at one of several hospitals in the state. According to the Sacramento Bee's Miranda Klein, the program aims to encourage participants to pursue careers in health care, particularly in rural or under-served communities (Klein, Sacramento Bee, 6/16).

    • Nevada: Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) last week vetoed a measure that would have permitted any state resident to buy Medicaid coverage, which is traditionally restricted to people with low incomes or disabilities. Under the so-called "Medicaid-for-all" measure, individuals who qualify for tax credits under the ACA would be able to use those credits to purchase Medicaid coverage. The plan would likely have been sold on the state's exchange to compete with private plans. According to the Wall Street Journal's Michelle Hackman, the state would have had to acquire a federal waiver to sell Medicaid coverage on the exchange (Hackman, Wall Street Journal, 6/17).

    • Pennsylvania: Robert Ferris has been tapped to serve as the new director of UPMC's Hillman Cancer Center. Ferris currently serves as chief of UPMC's Division of Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery, as well as co-leader of the Cancer Immunology Program and co-director of the Tumor Microenvironment Center. Ferris will succeed Nancy Davidson, who left the position in 2016 for an opportunity in Washington state (Gough, Pittsburgh Business Times, 6/16).

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