Hospital uses Vine videos to broadcast surgeries, health tips

Vine videos keep storytelling concise, users say

The University of Colorado Health (UCH) has started using Vine videos to educate patients, posting six-second clips to social media sites that explain everything from heart health to surgical procedures.

Using the free app, UCH's communications team has filmed 11 videos—like this knee surgery video—and shared them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube.

"A lot of stuff in health care is about storytelling—showing, not telling," says Kevin Darst, UCH's director of communications, adding that Vine "gives you a chance to do that."

Vine can also help a hospital reach a wide audience. Just three hours after one UCH Vine video was posted, it had reached nearly 9,800 users, according to Tweetreach.

UCH officials say that the system's communications team is planning to produce several Vine videos each week.

Want to use Vine at your hospital? UCH expert gives advice

UCH marketing specialist Randi Freeman offers three tips to hospitals that are thinking of using Vine:

  • Create a storyboard before shooting the video to convey a clear message;
  • Shoot with a steady hand; and
  • Make and post as many Vine videos as possible to maintain an audience (Levco, Ragan's Health Care Communication News, 3/5).

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