Mayo adds NorthShore to its expanding 'affiliation' network

NorthShore University HealthSystem becomes Mayo's ninth partner

Chicago-based NorthShore University HealthSystem this week became the ninth organization to join the Mayo Clinic's clinical affiliation network.

Background on the network

In September 2011, Mayo moved to expand its impact on the industry by launching the Mayo Clinic Care Network (MCCN). Through the new network, the clinic began to affiliate with hospitals that it does not own, a key distinction from the pre-existing Mayo Clinic Health System.

Organizations that join the network pay a subscription to access Mayo Clinic's research and expertise and use the organization's brand. According to David Hayes, MCCN's medical director, the network will help Mayo Clinic "to have more of a reach and…structured links to a broader group of hospitals and medical centers throughout the country."

Details of the new affiliation agreement

The NorthShore affiliation represents Mayo Clinic's first presence in the Chicago area. Because the agreement is exclusive, it also will represent the clinic's only presence in the market, says Mayo Clinic President and CEO John Noseworthy.

The new relationship will help NorthShore physicians boost care for complex diseases and, among other things, give physicians at the four-hospital system access to AskMayoExpert, an electronic database where physicians share medical knowledge.

NorthShore will also seek to use its electronic health records and data collection systems to work with Mayo Clinic to create best care practices and enhanced decision support to improve patient outcomes (Barr/Selvam, Modern Healthcare, 9/19 [subscription required]; Mayo Clinic release, 9/19).

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