Where does your state stand on Medicaid?

Interactive graphic offers a state-by-state review of Medicaid stance

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July 18, 2012

What are officials in your state saying about Medicaid? 

The Advisory Board's first interactive, real-time graphic charts where states are leaning on the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion, after the Supreme Court's ruling in June made the expansion optional. Clicking to expand the graphic also allows you to track the state-by-state level of uninsured patients.

As of July 18, five state governors have pledged that they will not participate in the Medicaid expansion, while ten state governors and the District of Columbia's mayor have said they will opt into the provision. More than half of the nation's governors say that they remain undecided.

Click to expand either a quick-to-scan graphic or an interactive graphic. (Note: interactive graphic may not be optimized for mobile devices.)


Visit www.advisory.com/MedicaidMap for the Daily Briefing's ongoing updates on states' stances regarding the Medicaid expansion. See strategies to improve care for your Medicaid patients by accessing the Advisory Board's dedicated Medicaid resource guide, or review the analysis, tools, and insights available via the links below.

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