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April 20, 2012

The Daily Briefing editorial team highlights several studies and articles that got us talking this week.

The 2012 Pulitzer Prizes were announced this week. The Seattle Times's Michael J. Berens and Ken Armstrong were recognized for their investigation into a government agency that placed vulnerable patients on methadone, a cheaper but more dangerous replacement for their pain-control medication. According to the Pulitzer Prize Board, the Times coverage prompted health warnings statewide. More.

Journal retractions are on the rise. Writing in Infection and Immunology, two journal editors call for "structural reforms" to research publications. More.  

More than one in three cancer patients does not get enough pain relief--and a new study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology shows that the odds are twice as bad for minority patients. More.

Writing in Forbes, Matthew Herper goes inside Cerner's 30-year journey of health care innovation. More.

With the Summer Olympics only months away, The Lancet in a series explains how mass gatherings could start a global disease outbreak. More.  

Why does watching a sad movie seem to make us happy? A new study in Communication Research breaks it down. More.

How can physicians take the sting out of childhood vaccinations? Pediatrics study identifies five strategies for keeping infants calm: Swaddling, side or stomach positioning, shushing, swinging, and sucking on a pacifier. More.

A recent study showed found that 58% of overweight individuals believe they are at a normal weight. New York Times's Tara Parker-Pope wonders: Are we living in denial about our weight problems?  More.

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