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November 2, 2011

How well do you know hospitals?

Daily Briefing

    Dan Diamond, Managing Editor

    Health care wonks who watch "Jeopardy!": This was your week to amaze friends and family. As devoted fans already know, Monday's episode of the long-running TV quiz show devoted an entire category to hospital trivia.

    It wasn't the first time that health care's been in Jeopardy!, so to speak. The show regularly quizzes contestants on medical maladies or famous physicians, although hospital-focused trivia only crops up every few years. Meanwhile, IBM's Watson supercomputer starred on the TV quiz show earlier this year, before going to work with WellPoint. A number of human health care professionals, like Anne Arundel Medical Center's Dr. Jay Rhee, also have competed for Jeopardy! fortune and fame.

    How well do you know U.S. hospitals? Try your luck at answering Monday's trivia below.

    Just remember to phrase your answer in the form of a question—and no phone-a-friend allowed either. Monday's Jeopardy! contestants swept this category; we think regular readers of the Briefing will ace this quiz, too.

    Monday's Jeopardy questions

    • $200: This Rochester, Minn. clinic is around 15 million square feet, about three times the size of the Mall of America.
    • $400: Sylvia Plath worked as a secretary at this hospital, MGH for short.
    • $600: Now closed, the Washington, D.C., hospital named for him opened in 1909 and in World War I, went from 80 beds to 2,500 in months. (A Daily Double)
    • $800: This city's Johns Hopkins Hospital opened on May 7, 1889; today, it's part of a $5 billion medical system.
    • $1,000: Known for its mental health facilities, this New York City hospital was founded in 1736, four years after George Washington's birth.

    Answers follow below, but before that, here's some filler text to cushion any spoilers.

    First, the information in this post is courtesy of the wonderful J! Archive, a fan-created database of 28 years' worth of Jeopardy! questions and answers. Second, for those looking to scratch their trivia itch, here are links to three other episodes that featured a category devoted to hospitals, whether real or fictional:

    (Answers: $200: Mayo Clinic. $400: Massachusetts General Hospital. $600: Walter Reed. $800: Baltimore. $1,000: Bellevue Hospital.)

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