Love and your waistline

Men gain weight with divorce, women with marriage

August 23, 2011

Although both marriage and divorce seem to cause weight gain, each marital occasion affects women and men differently, according to a study presented this week at the American Sociological Association's annual meeting. 

For the study, researchers from The Ohio State University analyzed data for 10,071 people who filled out surveys about their weight and marital status between 1986 and 2008. The participants then were grouped based on how much their body mass index fluctuated in the two years after a marital transition.

The researchers found that both men and women gained some weight after getting married, but that women tended to put on more weight than men in the first two years of marriage. However, while both men and women put on some weight after a divorce, recently divorced men tended to put on more weight than women (Stein, "Booster Shots," Los Angeles Times, 8/22; Park, "Healthland," Time, 8/22).

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