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Interest in telehealth is exploding among health care providers due to increasing demand for convenience and the urgency to grow or protect market share. Policy and reimbursement barriers are continuing to fade, while traditional and new disruptive competitors are rushing to meet consumer expectations for convenient services. These trends, coupled with widespread availability and advancements in technology, make telehealth a “must-have” capability for today’s hospitals and health systems.

Telehealth enables strategy—but is not a standalone solution. Many organizations are thinking about which telehealth technology to invest in, but the real question they should be asking is why they want to use telehealth.

How we help

We offer consulting support to help hospitals and health systems evaluate the strategic, financial, and operational considerations associated with establishing and/or developing virtual health capabilities and determine specifics around their path forward.

Our approach

Our services are designed with partnership in mind, and we make it our mission to arm your team with the knowledge and skills needed to drive long-term results. Our standard approach typically includes:

  • Clarifying the vision and strategic objectives for telehealth
  • Identifying and evaluating the highest impact virtual health opportunities
  • Providing recommendations for vendor selection
  • Defining the right operating and demand model to enable scale
  • Creating a detailed playbook for successful implementation

Our experts

Liz Cothren, MSN, RN
Senior Engagement Manager

Liz Cothren, MSN, RN, brings more than 19 years of clinical and professional experience to her role, specializing in telehealth, clinical variability reduction, and electronic health record (EHR) initiatives—leveraging technology to drive initiatives for growth, patient and provider education, and financial and operational efficiency. She currently works with organizations across the country to share telehealth program design and execution with deep expertise in operational, strategic, legal, and financial aspects of the business line.More

Laurie Sprung, PhD, MPH
Executive Vice President

With 21 years of experience in health care, Laurie leads the firm’s consulting efforts in virtual health, encompassing telehealth strategy. She consults to health systems across a range of needs including consumer strategy, improving patient access and experience, and the transition from volume to value. Laurie founded Advisory Board’s Value-Based Care consulting practice which is widely recognized as the industry leader. More

Laurie Norman, MSN, APRN
Vice President

Laurie Norman, MSN, APRN serves as a Vice President for Advisory Board Consulting, specializing in value-based care and physician alignment strategies. Laurie brings more than 20 years of hands-on clinical experience, including extensive quality of care and financial performance management expertise, as well as experience orienting, mentoring, training, and educating medical staff. Laurie has assisted in the development of quality and initiative programs for clinical integration (CI), hospital efficiency improvement programs (HEIP), service line strategies, co-management arrangements, and other care variation reduction strategies. More

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