How an EHR implementation became an opportunity to give back

The mission behind Ed Marx's leadership

Learn how Ed Marx is helping implement a new EHR for the nation's largest public health system—and realize a lifelong dream in the process.

Two years ago, Edward Marx got a call: NYC Health + Hospitals needed help. The nation's largest public health system wanted to implement a new EHR—as soon as possible. The project involved tremendous complexity and was a critical part of the health system's transformation effort. Without hesitation, Ed said yes.

As the leader of Advisory Board's partnership with NYC Health + Hospitals, Ed and his team provide comprehensive EHR implementation and go-live support—but this isn’t just an opportunity to focus on public health. For Ed, the project is the chance to fulfill a lifelong dream: to do something for New York, the city that had given his family so much. Watch this video to hear how Ed is pursuing his purpose while leading NYC Health + Hospitals toward higher quality care.

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How to prioritize clinician support during your EHR go-live

Our Clinical Go-Live Support Planning Tool calculates the clinical support that will be needed for every practice during each wave of your go-live.

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