Drive change with a hospital efficiency improvement program

Hear what makes hospital efficiency improvement programs (HEIPs) unique and the benefits that can result when they’re implemented.

Video In Brief

What is a hospital efficiency improvement program (HEIP)?

A HEIP is a formal way for hospitals and a select group of specialty physicians to work together for better quality outcomes and clinical efficiencies. It gives hospitals a way to align with physicians by incentivizing them to solve quality and efficiency issues. And unlike co-management that encompasses just one specialty, a HEIP allows physicians from multiple specialties to work together to remove barriers to variation.

How a HEIP works

A HEIP is specific to the care given in the hospital setting. And while physicians develop and lead changes to patient care, the hospital prioritizes overall direction and supports the program infrastructure. Traditionally in a HEIP, the hospital contracts with a clinically integrated network (CIN), but if there are none within the market, the hospital can contract directly with specialty physician practices.

Benefits of a HEIP

  • Collaboration improvements with providers
  • Quality improvements and reduction of care variations
  • Financial improvements from delivering care efficiently and consistently

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