Meaningful Use Navigator

  • Meaningful Use Audit Checklist

    Our audit checklist defines specific items that must be included in your Book of Evidence.

  • Pocket Guide Analysis of Meaningful Use Stage 2

    Download our easy-to-access pocket guide for immediate answers on how meaningful use Stage 1 and Stage 2 compare. The guide highlights new measures finalized in Stage 2 and measures combined from Stage 1 with existing or new measures finalized for Stage 2.

  • Meaningful use: The whiteboard story

    Don’t have time to compare 1,000+ pages of new and prior regulations on meaningful use? View a poster comparing meaningful use Stage 1 with the proposed Stage 2. We'll show you objectives, measures, and exclusions as well as certification criteria and standards.

  • Meaningful Use Incentives and Penalties Calculator

    Evaluates collections and/or penalties for a single acute care facility using the payment formulae listed in the health IT provisions of the stimulus bill.

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