Workplace flexibility at the Advisory Board

Staff members share their stories

Flextime. Part-time employment. Remote employment. Telework. Job sharing…We work closely with our staff to offer flexible work arrangements that serve individual and firm needs while accommodating a variety of schedules, locations, and workloads.

Hear firsthand how our employees are maintaining their work-life balance.

Sarah O'Hara

"I feel like I’ve got a job where I’m able to balance intellectually rewarding work with the ability to still have time at home during the week."—Sarah O'Hara, Senior Consultant, Research and Insights

"I feel incredibly fortunate to work for the Advisory Board…they've given me the opportunity to help my family out while continuing to grow my career.'"—Mack Kelley, Practice Manager, Research and Insights


"It has been so wonderful to see how flexible and open my managers are."—Simmi Bhuller, Managing Director, Education Advisory Board

"My role actually changed and expanded, so I had new challenges but I never felt overwhelmed.'"—Allison Shimooka, Managing Director, Research and Insights

"[My new role] allows us to continue to perform and hit our goals but maintain the work-life balance I was looking for."—Suzanne Kimpel, Senior Director, Performance Technologies Marketing