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2021 service line forecasts: How to keep up with our most popular industry forecasts

By Emily Heuser

January 26, 2021

    Valentine's Day is around the corner, which means there's something in the air at Advisory Board: forecasting.

    If you're at the start of either a strategic plan refresh or business plan development, that's hopefully convenient timing. If you're not, I recommend still exploring the changes in market trends demand projections and checking those against the assumptions you built your current plans on. If a key assumption has changed, this will allow you to make necessary tweaks in your strategy as soon as possible. For example, if the bariatric boom, fueled by Covid-19 fears, makes investment in a comprehensive weight loss program a higher priority to support your volume growth goals, it's better to identify that change and make the necessary updates now.

    Here's how our service line experts will be sharing our forecasts with you across the next few months.

    2021 Service Line Market Trends series

    An annual favorite is back! Join all or part of our seven-webinar series to learn more about the major changes facing service lines this year and get our take on how service lines can grow amid changing market conditions. Each webinar will feature 30-45 minutes of content and Q&A, and we'll post their slides on their registration pages in case you can't make the live event.

    Recommended for anyone interested in how service lines can and should think about growth.

    Ready-to-present trends slides

    In keeping with tradition, we'll share the presentations from the Service Line Market Trends series. You'll be able to use the full decks to create internal presentations more quickly, or to pull individual graphs, stats, insights, and trends for use in internal projects.

    Recommended for service line, planning, and strategy experts in provider and life sciences organizations.

    State of the Union presentations

    Want a deeper dive into the cardiovascular, oncology, or imaging landscapes? In addition to the growth priorities, we'll look at in the Service Line Market Trends presentations, our State of the Union webinars will spend 90 minutes exploring the key reimbursement, regulatory, and operational changes facing each of these three service lines.

    Recommended for service line VPs and directors, and for service line experts in life sciences organizations.

    • Cardiovascular State of the Union: February 11, 1pm ET (open to Cardiovascular Roundtable members)
    • Save the date: Imaging State of the Union: April 13, 1pm ET (open to Imaging Performance Partnership members)
    • Save the date: Oncology State of the Union: April 20, 3pm ET (open to Oncology Roundtable members)

    Volume forecast updates

    Every winter, our service line experts comb through the newest claims data and research the factors impacting demand for clinical services. We're in the process of updating our volume forecasting tools at the individual service level, and we plan to have the updates to our Inpatient and Outpatient Estimators and Market Scenario Planner available in late March.

    Recommended for all service line, planning, and strategy experts.

    Covid-19 volume impacts

    Rest assured: We've already incorporated the financial and clinical impacts of Covid-19 into our volume forecasting tools, and we'll continue to update those as the long-term impacts on survivors unfold. If you're specifically looking for our take on the impact Covid-19 will have on volume forecasts, check out these resources:


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