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Ready for the HIMSS20 conference? Here's where you'll find our Advisory Board team.

February 25, 2020

    Another year, another HIMSS conference. HIMSS20 will feature over 350 education sessions spanning 17 health IT topic categories. Between the networking opportunities, exhibition halls, and education sessions, this massive event can be overwhelming to navigate. As you start to fill in your itinerary, we wanted to share where some of our experts plan to participate and what they're looking forward to at the conference. We hope to see you there!

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    What's catching our attention?

    John League

    What I'm interested in:

    Telehealth. The technology involved here is (mostly) not new, but providers and disruptors are increasingly looking at telehealth and virtual care as essential elements of their care delivery models, not just a "nice to have." I'm especially interested in seeing more examples of telehealth applied at scale to improve outcomes and lower costs for patients with chronic conditions. 

    The ambient voice technologies that Epic and Cerner plan to unveil at HIMSS also intrigue me. Successful tools like this could improve patient experience and eliminate onerous clerical demands on clinicians. I'd like to get a sense of how accurate these tools are—that will be the biggest hurdle they'll have to overcome if they're going to get widespread use.

    Where you'll find me:

    On Tuesday, I'll be checking in on a session called, "Reinventing Diabetes Care with Telehealth," which will look at integrated applications of telehealth and mHealth for managing diabetes in different patient populations. I'll also be moderating a panel at the Optum booth on Tuesday, March 10, from 1 p.m.-2 p.m. called, "The evolving role of the CIO: Rising to meet what’s next in health care and innovation." This panel of CIOs will discuss how the roles of IT and the CIO in health care have continued to evolve, with firsthand perspectives on how CIOs can respond to change, adapt to heightened expectations, and manage innovation.

     (Editor's note: Advisory Board is a subsidiary of Optum. All Advisory Board research, expert perspectives, and recommendations remain independent.)

    Andrew Rebhan

    What I'm interested in:

    This year I'm looking to learn more about two topics: digital health and AI. These two topics have been at the peak of the hype cycle lately, and sometimes the hardest part about attending HIMSS is just cutting through the noise. With digital health in particular, it will be interesting to see if there are any vendors out there that are offering a true digital platform that can tie together the various business, technology, and data components health providers need to truly innovate.

    Where you'll find me:

    I'm kicking off HIMSS by attending the Digital Health Organization Symposium on Monday, which will be a full day of sessions and case studies showcasing the digital health ecosystem. Regarding AI, I'm interested in a Tuesday session called, "Ethical Machine Learning," which will outline what appropriate ethical processes should be incorporated into machine learning design and practice. Lastly, I'll be moderating a panel at the Optum booth on Wednesday, March 11, from 1 p.m.-2 p.m. called "The tech transformation: Best practices for driving innovation with impact." This panel will discuss the promises and pitfalls of proliferating data, applications, and infrastructure, with a focus on how to evaluate emerging technologies, test and scale successful projects, and minimize disruption to systems and clinician workflow.

    Ye Hoffman

    What I'm interested in:

    As always, I'll be monitoring the latest regulatory updates that impact health IT and provider reporting requirements. At the top of my list are the CMS and ONC proposals that address interoperability. Many folks are speculating whether the final rules will be released during HIMSS20 and I'm anxious to find out. Those policies and their implications have gotten a lot of attention in the news lately. The buzz reflects a tension I've observed rising between two health care industry forces: 1) getting information in the hands of patients, and 2) protecting the privacy and security of that data. I'm very interested to hear different perspectives at the conference—from providers and vendors alike—on how we can work together along with patients to find the right balance.

    Where you'll find me:

    Wherever CMS and ONC are presenting or holding office hours, that's likely where I'll be. There are also several presentations that I plan to attend; not surprisingly, that includes sessions like "Navigating the New ONC Requirements for APIs." And if new regulations have been released, you might also find me huddled with my team of Quality Reporting Roundtable experts analyzing the implications for providers and drafting up resources to share with our members in the coming weeks.

    Manasi Kapoor

    What I'm interested in:

    Across the health care ecosystem, it is well recognized that no one segment of the industry can meet the market's demands, and so partnerships and data sharing will be integral to future success. As such, I am looking forward to learning more about new interoperability solutions, especially platforms that seek to enable information exchange beyond just provider organizations.

    Where you'll find me:

    Exploring the booths! As a first-time HIMSS attendee, I'll be on the lookout for new and innovative solutions that help connect and improve workflows and information exchange across all organizations in the industry. Let me know if you'll be in attendance at HIMSS, and I'd be happy to introduce myself!

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