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3 ways the 2020 service line technology compendiums can help address your planning needs

February 13, 2020

    Planners at a hospital (anonymous for the purposes of this post) were looking for a strategy to set their neurosurgery program apart from market competitors. They believed that investing in a new, cutting-edge technology would attract patient interest, but they didn't know which device was a best fit for their organization.

    Just updated: Access the neuroscience clinical technology compendium

    The Service Line Strategy Advisory technology compendiums summarize new, leading technologies in each service line. Each page contains key information about the technology, like FDA status, competitive take, or payer status, and offers information about the financial outlook and market growth estimates.

    To help, the planners used our Neuroscience Technology Compendium, which includes summaries of leading technologies in the stroke, movement disorder, memory disorder, and pain management spaces. After reading through each technology briefing, the planners decided to invest in RAPID software, because that compendium identified established neurosurgical programs that were looking to differentiate themselves in the market as a best fit for an investment in RAPID.

    Planners used the briefing and its details about RAPID's adoption status, payer coverage, and financial outlook to propose the investment decision to program's leaders. In all, the compendium helped planners quickly identify the right fit for their organization and provided the evidence they needed to make a compelling pitch.

    How the updated 2020 Technology Compendiums can help you

    Here are other ways the updated 2020 Technology Compendiums can help address your strategic planning needs in the New Year:

    1. Get smart on the new technologies your providers are talking about: This year, we hand-picked a shorter list of technologies in each service line to help you determine which devices providers are most excited about. Use this information to stay ahead of the conversation and discover which technologies may help attract new physician talent in the year ahead.

    2. Jumpstart your planning decisions: We recognize that it's difficult to find concise summaries of available technologies. To help cut through the noise, we've designed the updated compendiums to include a run-down of technologies most likely to interest you. Each page contains comparable descriptions, key facts, and market outlook information so that you can easily weigh each option in the beginning stages of your planning decision.

    3. Determine the best investment for your organization: We've taken insights from conversations with leading organizations around the country and combined the information with Advisory Board research to pinpoint what types of programs are the best fit for each investment. These insights include details such as staffing and training needs, facility requirements, and data collection capabilities to help you determine if the technology is right for you.

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