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Help us help you: Take our 5-minute survey to guide our research on charity care

August 21, 2019

    Struggles with patient collections and uncompensated care have increased, leaving hospitals scrambling for ways to collect on unpaid bills. But hospitals aren't the only ones scrambling—patients are continuously on the hook for more of their bills due to a shift from insurer to patient responsibility and rising out-of-pocket costs.

    In addition to these trends, nonprofit, tax-exempt hospitals are facing increased scrutiny. Last year, CMS started its three-year phase-in process for how it will change payment for uncompensated care with increased audits. And in February 2019, Senate Finance Committee Chair Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) announced his renewed push for oversight of nonprofit hospitals.

    Rethinking charity care? Tightening your policies may not be a simple solution.

    Together, these two changes will ignite a focus on the efficacy of charity care policies, placing the onus on providers. As a result, the Revenue Cycle Advancement Center is updating our research on charity care—and we'd like your help answering the following questions:

    • When did your organization last update your charity care policy?

    • If applicable, what led your organization to update your policy?

    • How is your policy communicated to patients?

    Please take a moment to let us know:

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