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May 22, 2019

    Health care leaders are increasingly focused on revenue capture—and revenue cycle operations—to sustain and bolster margin health. But even as revenue cycle leaders are asked to do more, they face ongoing obstacles to success, such as disengaged staff, inefficient processes for sharing information, and delivery systems that have outgrown existing infrastructure.

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    Join us in Washington, D.C. on June 3 and 4 as we kick off our 2019 National Meeting series to learn how to address these challenges, get key insights from our latest revenue cycle research, and more. Focused on the most critical issues facing provider revenue cycle and finance leaders today, the discussions will include the latest insights and best practices around performance and efficiency, revenue integrity, and workforce engagement.

    There are still a few remaining seats for the June session; register now and be the first to see our 2019 research. Sessions will answer the top-of-mind questions faced by Chief Revenue Officers, VPs, and Directors of provider revenue cycles. Here's a run-down of our key sessions:

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    The Path to Revenue Cycle Systemness (June 3)

    Join this session to understand the case for "systemness," get key principles for cost-effective integration, identify which functions are ripe for integration and automation, and learn how to win buy-in and size ROI opportunity. Specifically, this session will answer questions such as:   

    • What are my critical opportunities to drive revenue cycle efficiency across the health system?
    • How do I lead and sustain revenue cycle improvements at my organization?
    • How can I lower cost-to-collect while delivering on goals such as patient collections and denials prevention?

    Deconstructing Revenue Integrity (June 4)

    In this session, we'll unpack key principles of revenue integrity (RI), share how best-in-class organizations leverage their RI programs, and discuss how you can avoid the pitfalls common to ineffective RI programs. Specifically, the session will answer questions such as:

    • What are the critical elements of a best-in-class RI program?
    • How do I financially justify an RI program at my organization?
    • What resources and support does it require?

    Understanding Staff Engagement (June 4)

    Join this session to get an early look at engagement trends on more than 10,000 revenue cycle staff across the nation, including a deep dive on engagement among patient access staff. Specifically, this session will answer questions such as:

    • Is my revenue cycle staff engaged?
    • How do patient access staff compare with midcycle and business office staff in terms of what drives them to do their best?
    • How do patient access roles pay at my organization compared with others nationwide?

    Due to the nature of the research and to ensure productive discussion, attendance is limited to only leaders (director level and above) of hospital and physician revenue cycle.


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