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A sneak peek at the Physician Executive Council's 2019 research agenda

December 14, 2018

    Each year, we survey our members to learn CMOs' most pressing strategic priorities and set our research agenda for the upcoming year. Here's what you and your peers identified as the top five priorities heading into 2019:

    1. Optimizing acute care throughput;
    2. Partnering with physicians to improve inpatient satisfaction;
    3. Sparking innovation and creative thinking among physician leaders;
    4. Strengthening your personal influence as a leader; and
    5. Preparing successors for senior leadership roles.

    Below is a sneak peak of what we'll be researching in 2019—as well as resources that are already available to help you jumpstart your work in each area.

    Optimizing acute care throughput

    Patient flow and overcrowding continues to be a challenge: beds are full and patient wait times are long, especially in the ED.

    • New in 2019: The On-Time Discharge Toolkit. This toolkit will help overcome common discharge delays and implement best practices, such as accurately predicting date of discharge and proactively anticipating patient discharge needs.

    • Available to members now: Use our Hospital Benchmark Generator to compare your organization's performance on ED throughput time and average length of stay to a customizable cohort of peer institutions.

    Partnering with physicians to improve inpatient satisfaction

    Patient loyalty is one of the few big remaining opportunities to capture profitable growth. Yet, as health systems grow, it's becoming increasingly difficult to deliver a consistent patient experience across facilities, while simultaneously meeting rising patient expectations for service.

    • New in 2019: Patient Experience Roundtables. These roundtables, part of our 2019 National Meeting Series, will give you an opportunity to discuss the latest best practices on patient experience with a group of your executive peers. For more information, view the Save the Dates for our 2019 series.

    • Available to members now: Engaging Physicians in Patient Experience. This study explores physicians' unique role as "influencer-in-chief" and provides tactics to engage them in patient experience initiatives.

    Strengthening physician leadership

    Physician leadership development appeared in three of the top five topics on our topic poll: sparking innovation and creative thinking, strengthening personal influence, and preparing successors for senior leadership roles. That comes as no surprise. As health system strategy evolves, so do the leadership skills needed to succeed.  

    • New in 2019: Executive Leadership Development Forums. As part of our 2019 National Meeting Series, join your peers for a day of candid discussion on top CMO leadership challenges. For more information, view the Save the Dates for our 2019 series.

    • New in 2019: Align Physician Leadership Development with Health System Strategy. This whitepaper will address four key questions leaders should answer to develop a coordinated and deliberate physician leadership development strategy.

    • Available to members now: Physician Leader Effectiveness Compendium. This study provides 16 best practices to help health systems revamp their approach to physician leader development and performance management.

    Our team is excited to work with many of you over the coming months as we research these topics and uncover progressive best practices. If you are interested in participating in a 30-45 minute research interview, please contact Serena Bernthal-Jones at

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