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Want to perfect your patient financial experience? Help us help you.

October 12, 2018

    As hospital margins continue to tighten, health systems face enormous pressure to offer a best-in-class patient experience that also ensures compensation for provided care. Between mobile scheduling, consolidated billing, and personalized financial counseling, satisfying today's patients can be tricky. Providers looking to improve their patient financial experience should ask two key questions: Which financial tools and resources do my patients want? Which of those tools will actually help get me paid?

    Our research team is working hard to provide insight on the above questions. Earlier this year, we asked 1,000 adult patients which financial tools were most important when undergoing a recent non-emergency survey. We've collected some fascinating data, but before we release our findings, we'd like to turn to you, the providers.

    This three-question survey will help our research team better understand which financial tools providers currently offer patients. The survey takes three-to-five minutes to complete, and the results will allow us to identify gaps in how providers understand patient demands.

    With your help, our findings will bring clarity to your patient experience initiatives, ensuring hospitals and health systems prioritize financial tools that increase both patient satisfaction and patient collections.

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    This past March, we surveyed 1,000 patients and asked which financial tools and supports were most important to them when undergoing a recent non-emergency surgery.

    Now we are turning to you—what financial tools and resources do providers think most important to offer patients, and which do your organization currently provide? The results will allow us to guide hospitals and health systems in prioritizing financial tools to ensure higher levels of patient satisfaction, and higher rates of patient collections.

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