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Sneak peek: Our 2018 Virtual Summit

June 20, 2018

    This July, the Health Care IT Advisor will host our first-ever Virtual Summit, IT Beyond Meaningful Use and Operational Excellence. The Summit features our newest research for your top health IT-related strategic priorities. This multi-day event, occurring from July 17 to July 26, will bring our latest content to you and your teams via a series of webconferences, instead of requiring travel and whole-day absences from your work schedule. You can find the full agenda with dates and times for each session at the event registration page here.

    Here's a sneak peek of our sessions:

    IT's role in the new cost control mandate: How strategic technology investments support sustained cost management
    Health care organizations face tremendous margin pressure. We will detail case studies of how organizations have used IT to position long-term financial success across five categories of cost reduction, including how to operate more efficiently and facilitate true systemness.

    Digital health systems: The innovation journey continues
    Leading health care organizations continue to invest heavily in digital innovation. Our research will provide context on digital innovation, disruption, and transformation; update our digital transformation maturity model; and identify successful practices for the eight foundational elements needed for digital transformation. 

    The decision machine: Analytics and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI)
    Advanced analytics has the potential to deliver substantial value. According to one survey, 57% of organizations forecast that predictive analytics will save 15% of their budget over the next five years. In this session, we will unpack the current opportunities and methods for AI.

    The era of the connected patient: New data types improve patient care
    Providers are now utilizing social determinants of health (SDH) data to directly address social needs, as this effort can lead to better health outcomes. Our research will provide an overview of SDH data opportunities, including advancements in collecting and utilizing patient-generated health data (PGHD).

    Register here for all or part of the webconference series.

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