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Your primer on 2018's top health care IT challenges

January 12, 2018

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. That tried-and-true expression certainly applied to health care in 2017, and we expect it to apply again in 2018. 

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    There are several big dynamics at play that will affect health IT this year, such as:

    • The GOP's health policy agenda has crystallized around the overarching goals of reducing federal health care spending and injecting more free-market principles into the health care economy;
    • There will be continued pressure on margins, more state-based reforms, and more responsibilities shifted to individuals; and
    • The health care industry will continue to undergo organizational transformation and disruption, driven by the need for improvements in cost, quality, access, and patient and provider satisfaction.

    Health IT in 2018

    What stays the same

    For 2018, many IT-related priorities remain the same. For example, there will be  continued focus on telemedicine, analytics, application optimization, quality reporting, cybersecurity, consumerism, and population health. Forward-thinking organizations will continue to expand IT-related efforts beyond Meaningful Use (MU) and operational excellence. IT-related initiatives focus not only on cost reduction and organizational strategy enablement, but also on digital business and clinical innovation to streamline customer journeys, improve clinical care, and create new, more affordable business models and product offerings.

    What changes

    Much is changing in 2018 as well. To fulfill IT's expanding roles of strategy enablement and digital transformation, providers must also utilize exponential or disruptive technologies such as cloud computing, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to reimagine key customer journeys and the associated internal processes required to digitize those journeys. In addition, we must fully leverage approaches such as Agile development utilizing Lean principles.

    We've outlined the top 10 health care IT challenges for 2018 in our on-demand presentation. It provides a deep dive into many of the prevalent themes of the posts above, including how the use of expanded data sources and advanced analytics approaches are generating new insights, and how to appropriately address security concerns.

    April 18 webconference: Learn the latest telehealth market trends

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